About Us

Established in 1990, TAI HING WATCH SDN BHD has grown over the years from a traditional watch retailer to emerge as Johor Bahru’s leading specialist luxury watch retailer. The company’s success is based on its astute business strategy comprising strategic brand partnerships, marketing and merchandising management.

TAI HING WATCH SDN BHD prides itself for its proven merchandising strategy. Its ability to identify and invest in the right mix of brands and products has paid off handsomely. In 2006, while others are offering the common brands that flood the market, TAI HING WATCH SDN BHD decided to take a step further to explore a new market in Johor which is to offer fine timepieces that were lovingly manufactured by prestigious watchmakers in Switzerland.

In order to offer a different shopping experience to the customers, TAI HING WATCH SDN BHD has renovated the shop in year 2004 and year 2006 and determines to continue serving its customers with its 30 years’ experience.

TAI HING WATCH SDN BHD has the widest choice of watch. Whether you’re shopping with us for the first time or a regular customer, we’re here to make your shopping experience as easy, reliable and especially fun as possible.

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